What we do?

Do you want to solve global challenges, build world changing technologies and / or accelerate your self development? North Savo ES is the perfect student run community for you. Our aim is to create a diverse and multidisciplinary community that accelerates people towards founding or being part of creating world changing startups and believes that dreams are never too ambitious.
Our community and co-working space, Kukkola, at the Savilahti campus offers space where you can come work on a project, study or hangout with other like-minded students. There we have 40m2 of our own space and share a 35m2 room with ESN Kisa.

We also enable entrereneurial learning and networking opportunities through arranging speaker events, workshops bringing in successful startup founders, venture capitalists and industry experts to share their knowledge and experience. We also do excursions to other cities in Finland and in the future also abroad, to learn, get inspired and build our networks further.

Important part of entrepreneurial learning is the opportunity to arrange these events, and also ideate and build bigger events and projects together with other students.

All our events and hangouts are always open for everyone and held in English, so don’t hesitate to sign up and check them out!

What we value?

01. Learn by doing

Put entrepreneurial skills into practice and experience the process of solving a problem and creating something. Whether it is an event or a project under ES or a startup, we believe the best way to learn is hands-on.

02. Maximise learning

Seeking opportunities that allow you to maximise learning can lead to a more fulfilling and successful life, both personally and professionally. By constantly seeking new knowledge and skills, you can expand your abilities, grow as a person, and achieve your goals. Surround yourself with others who strive for growth to accelerate the process and become better together.

03. Crazy ambition

In North Savo ES there’s no such thing as too big dreams nor too ambitious goals. We encourage you to think big and have real impact in the world. 

04. Giving forward

We want to foster a culture of giving forward, sharing our knowledge and helping each other out. Creating a positive cycle of generosity and kindness benefits everyone and leads to stronger and more supportive community.

05. Diversity

A diverse and multidisciplinary community brings together individuals with different skills and areas of expertise. This leads to more creative problem-solving, wider range of perspectives and ideas, and the whole community broadening their knowledge.

06. Approchability

Our events are always open for everyone! We value everyone feeling welcome and having sense of belonging to the community, no matter wether you come to an event for the first time or have been part of the community for awhile. The bigger the community the broader range of perspectives and greater impact we have.

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Do I have to be an entrepreneur to be involved?
You don’t need to have your business up and running and you don’t need to have a business idea either. We are a student run organisation and any members of these societies may not yet have a specific business idea or be entrepreneurs themselves, but are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship, startups and network multidisciplinary

What does entrepreneurial mindset mean?
An entrepreneurial mindset is a set of skills that allow individuals to identify opportunities, overcome challenges, and succeed in various settings. It involves recognizing problems as opportunities for growth and innovation, being willing to take risks, being self-reliant, and having a forward-thinking attitude. These skills can be learned and developed, and they are beneficial in all areas of life.

Wait, what even is a startup?
A startup is a young company with the aim to develop a unique product or service as a solution to an existing problem, and the objective is to develop and validate a scalable business model with the potential to grow exponentially. Typically at some point startup’s goal is to exit, whether through acquisition by another company or through becoming a publicly listed company.
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